Clearlake Oaks & Glenhaven

The redevelopment concept for Clearlake Oaks focuses on the redevelopment of specific areas within the core downtown area of Clearlake Oaks.  Specific areas include:  restoration and reconstruction of The Plaza, the town center area between the "Windmill" and the "Red & White Store" and the areas to the immediate east and west of the downtown area along Hwy. 20.  Traffic calming measures and streetscape elements along Highway 20 from Lakepoint Lodge to Island Drive are being pursued.  Increasing and improving the stock of affordable housing is always an element of redevelopment in all of the Northshore communities, including Clearlake Oaks an Glenhaven.

CLO Town Center


A 2006 Community Opinion Survey conducted by the Redevelopment Agency confirmed strong public support for development of the Nylander Park property in downtown Clearlake Oaks, as part of the community's town center.