California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs)

Assistance available through the CalWORKs program is limited to a period of 60 months; it is designed to provide eligible, needy families with temporary cash assistance and services.  Once a family has met the eligibility requirements, cash payments are made on a monthly basis to help pay for housing, food, utilities and other necessary expenses.  The amount of assistance a family receives is determined by many factors including family size and income.  Additional payments can also be made if there are special circumstances such as pregnancy or homelessness.  Assistance payments are recalculated on a quarterly basis utilizing updated information received from the family.  Most CalWORKs recipients are also eligible for assistance through the Medi-Cal and Food Stamps programs.

CalWORKs recipients have the option of receiving their cash benefits through an EBT card or they may have them direct deposited into their bank account.  The EBT card can be used at designated retailers or ATMs to access their monthly cash grant and Food Stamp benefits.