Owner Occupied Rehab Program

Periodically the County receives funds through the California State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) in the form of the Community Development Block Grant and/ or HOME Investment Partnerships Programs. The purpose of these programs is to maintain the existing housing stock to supply decent housing for low- and very low-income families by providing low-interest or deferred loans to eligible residents.

Who is eligible?

Residents of the unincorporated area of the County who own and reside in the home to be rehabilitated are eligible, subject to income guidelines. We have limited funds available county wide, does not include the Cities of Lakeport and Clearlake. The homeowner must be low income according to HUD Section 8 Income Guidelines (see chart below). Maximum assistance for the rehabilitation or replacement of an existing structure shall at no time exceed the Maximum Subsidy Limits as set by HUD.  Total indebtedness against the property, including this rehabilitation loan, may not exceed 100% of the after-rehabilitation value.

To view Income Table click this link:  2016 Income Table

This file is a PDF files and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.  To download the Acrobat Reader, click this link: Acrobat Reader.  PDF files may take a few minutes to download. Thank you for your patience.

What repairs are eligible?

Electrical Plumbing Roof / Gutters
Foundation Dual Pane Windows Siding
Interior / Exterior Paint Interior / Exterior Doors Handicapped Retrofitting 
Heat / Air Conditioning Bathroom / Kitchen Repairs Flooring
Bedroom Additions *(if determined that the home is overcrowded)

What is the interest rate?

  • The interest rate is currently at 2.5%, simple annual interest. Deferred payment loans, interest-only payment loans, and amortized loans are available based on income qualifications.

What is the term of the loan?

  • Amortized loans will be 30-year term of deferred payments. This loan may be repaid at any time with no-prepayment penalty.

What do I need to do in order to apply?

  • You must first obtain an application packet by calling the number below.
  • Upon verification of eligibility, your property will be scheduled for a preliminary inspection.
  • After completion of this inspection, you will be notified of your eligibility.
  • A rehabilitation project will not be accepted or scheduled for an inspection until your application is complete.

For More Information, Please Call