Medi-Cal Program

Medi-Cal is California’s version of the federal Medicaid Health Care Program.  The Medi-Cal program is designed to provide health care services to qualified low-income persons; primarily families with children, the aged, blind or disabled.  Families or individuals receiving assistance from CalWORKs, Supplemental Security Income/State Supplemental Program (SSI/SSP), Foster Care or Adoption Assistance Program are usually eligible to receive Medi-Cal benefits. 

Some recipients of the Medi-Cal Program may have to pay a monthly share of cost before Medi-Cal benefits become effective.  The share of cost is determined based upon the recipient’s monthly income. Medi-Cal is a large program made up of many specialized programs, which are designed to benefit applicants in various medical situations.  Most of these specialized programs may reduce or eliminate the share of cost for some or all medical services.  All applications are reviewed in order to determine which Medi-Cal program best suits the applicant’s needs.

There are currently four Medi-Cal staff working at two local community hospitals and two community health clinics accepting and processing patient applications for Medi-Cal benefits.  Staff accepts and processes applications while the patients are receiving medical services. This arrangement has been advantageous for the hospitals, the clinics, and the patients:   the patient does not need to travel to the LCDSS office to apply for Medi-Cal benefits; and, the hospitals or clinic are able to bill Medi-Cal for the services provided instead of billing the patient directly.