Contractor Support

AC Meeting Cancelled
Instructions for Provider Cost Allocation Plan
AAA Emergency Action Plan
CDA Security Awareness Training
2019 Federal Poverty Guidelines
AAA Important Dates

Letter of Intent/RFP Documents and Attachments

RFP Announcement Letter - Date Extension
Letter of Intent 20-02
RFP #20-02 Extended

RFP #20-02 Cancelled
Request for Proposal 20-01
Request for Proposal 20-02
Letter of Intent Announcement 
Letter of Intent Announcement #2
Invitation for Bid for Financial Audit
FY 2014-2015 Letter of Intent
California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Division 1.8
Older Californians' Act
Older Americans' Act
California Retail Food Code
Office of Management OMB A-110
Office of Management OMB A-122
Office of Management OMB A-133
2012-2016 Area Plan
2013-14 Area Plan Update 

AAA Policies & Procedures

01-001 AAA Director Fiscal Authority
01-002 Sanction Policy and Appeals Procedure for Contractors
01-003 Nutrition Services Standards
01-004 Grievance or Complaint Against Ombudsman Program-External01-005 Staff and Field LTC Ombudsman Grievance Procedure-Internal
01-006 Contractor Complaint Process
01-007 Confidentiality
01-009 Findings Follow-up Process
01-010 Contract Monitoring
01-011Volunteer Participation

01-012 Conflict of Interest for Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
01-013 Request for Proposal

Program Forms

AAA 101 I&A and Outreach Log
AAA 110 ENP Client Intake Form
AAA 111 HDM Assessment Form
AAA 111 HDM Assessment Instructions
AAA 112 HDM Reassessment Form
AAA 113A Alzheimer's Day Care Intake Form
AAA 201 ENP Contractor Annual Staff Training Plan
AAA 202 ENP Staff Training Tracking
AAA 203 ENP Staff Training Evaluation

Fiscal Forms

Instructions for Provider Cost Allocation Plan
Provider Cost Allocation Plan TEMPLATE

Q Data Entry Procedures

Q103 - Finding Missing Data in Q Q105 - Data Reporting - Alzheimer's Day Care Services
Q106 - I&A-Outreach Program
Nutrition Contractor Data Reporting Manual