In-Home Supportive Services

The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program is designed to provide domestic and personal care services to low-income aged, blind and disabled persons who, without these services, would be unable to remain in their homes and would require placement in costlier long-term institutional care.  IHSS services can include assistance with meal preparation, laundry, shopping, transportation, bathing, dressing, and personal care.

In order to be eligible to receive IHSS services, applicants must be eligible for the Medi-Cal Program. Once Medi-Cal eligibility has been established, an IHSS Social Worker meets with the applicant to assess his/her physical and/or mental limitations.  If the applicant qualifies for the IHSS program, the Social Worker determines the necessary services and the number of service hours.  The Social Worker will meet with each recipient a minimum of once a year, or more often as needed, to reassess the recipient’s needs.