Kono Tayee


The Kono Tayee Estates (1965) and Kono Tayee Heights (1966) were combined to form County Service Area #13 (CSA#13), the Kono Tayee subdivision. The system includes two wells and five water storage tanks. Water is pumped from the wells and disinfected with sodium hypochlorite injection before entering the two tanks and the distribution system. The current water system has been upgraded from the original much smaller community water system, with better materials and design.

Customer Statistics and Infrastructure

CSA #13/Kono Tayee Water currently includes:

    • 142 Connections (142 Single Family Dwelling (SFD) equivalents), serving a population of nearly 290 residents.
    • Over 15,000 ft. of distribution pipeline.
    • 3 Storage tanks (1-100,000 gallon, 1-60,000 gallon and 1-7,500 gallon tank)
    • 1 High-Lift Service pumping station on Verna Way


The Kono Tayee water system now has metered service. The water distribution system is monitored visually by utility area maintenance crews, and administratively through monthly production reports. The water wells and distribution system are currently operating as efficiently as possible and providing water to customers in compliance with all applicable water quality standards. The 12-month averaged change in the Kono Tayee Water’s customer base was < 1%. Many portions of the original water system were constructed with less than ideal materials and design, during a time well before District staff had any role or oversight.  The system continues to be a maintenance challenge.


The District is examining distribution system improvements for the Kono Tayee Water System to improve reliability and simplify operations and maintenance of the system. In 2014, one of the two 30,000 gallon redwood storage tank was replaced with a 60,000 gallon bolted steel tank.Planning and design of a SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data

Acquisition) system will allow remote monitoring of the various components of the system to maintain regulatory compliance.