Mt Hannah


In July of 1990, County Service Area #22 (CSA #22) was formed (with the dissolution of its predecessor, Mt. Hannah Water Company) to establish a domestic water system for the residents within the community in Mt. Hannah. A new well was drilled and placed into service in 2014. Well water is disinfected with sodium hypochlorite injection before entering the storage tank and distribution system. In 1997, water filtration was added to reduce turbidity. Water is stored within the distribution system and one 100,000 gallon bolted steel tank.

Customer Statistics and Infrastructure

CSA #22/Mt. Hannah currently includes:

• 38 Connections (40 Single Family Dwelling (SFD) equivalents), serving a population of nearly 92 residents.

    • Over 7,000 ft. of distribution pipeline.
    • Storage tank (100,000 gallons)
    • 1 Service pumping station


This water system is for domestic water use and the water system’s customer base is metered. The water treatment and distribution system is currently operating as efficiently as possible and providing water to customers in compliance with all applicable water quality standards. The 12-month averaged increase in the Mt. Hannah Water System’s customer base is less than 1%. Many portions of the original water system were constructed with less than ideal materials and design and during a time well before District staff had any role or oversight, and the system continues to be a maintenance challenge.


The last major improvement was the installation of the 100,000 gallon bolted steel water storage tank (2008).  Additional distribution system work is being discussed for the future, as time and funding becomes available. A new well was drilled in 2014 and new pump and controls were installed. Replacement of the water main between the new well and storage tank will be completed in 2016.This is the result of the CSA receiving an emergency drought grant from the state department of Water Resources. Although no homes in this system were destroyed by the Valley Fire of 2015, It will be evaluated for consolidation along with several others in the Cobb mountain area.