Paradise Valley


In December of 1982, County Service Area # 16 (CSA #16) was formed to establish a domestic water system for the residents within the community in Paradise Valley. The developer of the subdivision also constructed the original water system and formed a mutual water company. He requested the County form a CSA. Most of the development has occurred in the area identified as Paradise Cove. The water system has been upgraded from the original much smaller community water system, with additional wells, better materials and meters for metered service. There are three wells in CSA #16. The original well was in place at the time of the original development. A second well (Well #2) was drilled and placed into service in 2004. The third well was drilled by the Homeowners Association in 2006 (Well #3) and was placed into service in 2010 to meet Division of Drinking Water (DDW) and CSA requirements. Well water is disinfected with sodium hypochlorite injection, followed by green sand filtration (iron/manganese removal) before entering the storage tank and distribution system. Backwash water from the iron/manganese removal is discharged to the Northwest Regional Wastewater Collection System. Water is stored within the distribution system and one 100,000 gallon storage tank.

Customer Statistics and Infrastructure

CSA #16/Paradise Valley Water currently includes:

    • 72 Connections (72 Single Family Dwelling (SFD) equivalents), serving a population of nearly 133 residents.
    • Over 7,500 ft. of distribution pipeline.
    • 1 Storage tank (100,000 gallons)
    • 1 Service pumping station


This water system is for domestic water use (residents in Paradise Valley have access to and utilize water from Clear Lake for irrigation water needs). The water system’s customer base is 100% metered. The water distribution system has recently been inspected and leak checked. Minimal repairs were needed, and all repairs were completed. The water treatment and distribution system is currently operating as efficiently as possible and providing water to customers in compliance with all applicable water quality standards. Total production from all three wells is approximately 16 gallons per minute. The system has been under a connection moratorium since 2005 due to the limited water supply.


IN 2014, Special District received a drought grant from the California Department of Water Resources. Funds will be utilized to construct an 8 inch inter-tie pipeline with the Clearlake Oaks County Water District system. This project will include a consolidation with that public water system.This will effectively solve the current water supply issues faced in this system. Installation of the pipeline was completed in November 2015.