Rules & Regulations

County Service Area Rules and Regulations (CSA)
CSA Adopting Resolution

Kelseyville County Waterworks District No. 3 (KCWW#3)
KCWW#3 Adopting Resolution

Lake County Sanitation District (LACOSAN)
LACOSAN Adopting Resolution

Lake County Sewer Use Ordinance

The Lake County Sewer Use Ordinance is found in the Appendix section of the Lake County Code.

Relevant Codes
Appendix A:  Sewer Use Ordinance - LACOSAN
Appendix B:  Sewer Use Ordinance - Adopted for Other Districts
Appendix C:  Sewer Use Charge Ordinance - KCWWD#3
Appendix D:  Cross Connection Control Program KCWWD#3
Appendix E:  Water Conservation Standards in Portions of LACOSAN
Appendix F:  Mandatory Water Connection to County Service Area No. 6, Finley Water
Appendix G:  Mandatory Water Connection to KCWWD#3

Design & Construction Standards

Water System Design & Construction Standards

Lacosan Design & Construction Standards

Kelseyville Water Design & Construction Standards

Kelseyville Sanitation Facilities Design & Construction Standards

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