Sewer Lateral Inspection & Repair

Lateral Inspection

If you suspect that you have drain or sewer problems in your home’s plumbing or the private side of your sewer lateral such as a wastewater backup, call a professionally licensed plumber for an inspection. Even if you aren’t experiencing drain or sewer problems, periodic inspections by a professionally licensed plumber are a good idea. This building sewer section of your plumbing system is often neglected by homeowners until problems arise. A video inspection will show any problems including grease, roots, cracks, and offset joints which affect normal sewer flow. Simple repairs can avoid spills and save you and the District a lot of money.

Does the District fix sewer lines on private property?

No. The area between the property line sewer cleanout and the house (owner’s side) is the responsibility of the property owner and must be repaired/serviced by the owner or designated service personnel.

Do I need a permit to repair my building sewer?

Yes. A permit is required to repair the building sewer. An inspector will inspect the pipe to validate that the work was performed according to code. If you need guidance as to policies or procedures please contact your local building department.

How do I get a permit?

 Permits can be obtained through your local building department. When visiting your local building department, ask for a permit for building sewer repair.