About Us

Water Resources is responsible for the preservation, health, and growth of Clear Lake, the largest fresh water lake in California.
The two main branches of Water Resources are Lakebed Management and Lake County Watershed Protection District from which all of our programs and projects stem.

Our Programs

Aquatic Plant Management
Permits, Maps, Herbicides, Other Control Methods, Licensed Applicators, and more.

Clean Water Program
Home Tips, FAQs, Water Complaints, Community Involvement, and more.

Information about and and photos of cyanobacteria (bluegreen algae)

Flood Management
Safety Tips, Check Floodplain Status, Floodplain Management and more.

Groundwater Management
Program overview, data and monitoring.

Invasive Mussel Prevention
Screening Locations, Application, Inspection Process, Cleaning Procedures and more.

Our Projects

Adobe Creek Watershed

Middle Creek Restoration