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Effective immediately Highland Springs Recreation Area is open to the public. Firefighters did an exceptional job preventing the River Fire from damaging the park. We are still early in fire season. Please take every precaution to prevent fires as you enjoy the area.


Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae)

What do I need to know about interacting with cyanobacteria?

Skin irritation or rash is a commonly reported health effect. Other symptoms range from gastrointestinal discomfort to neurological effects. The most severe reactions occur when large amounts of water are swallowed. Because dogs are smaller bodied than people and will tend to drink water when swimming or lick their fur, it is advisable to keep dogs out of the water during a cyanobacteria bloom. If you decide to go in the water, avoid ingesting the water and rinse off with tap water soon after exiting. Use your own best judgment – When in Doubt, Stay Out! More Information

Aquatic Plant Mgmt Activities

In order to support beneficial uses of Clear Lake, the Lake County Department of Water Resources is providing defined areas around the lake free of noxious plants.  The areas include certain lanes parallel and perpendicular to the shoreline, and recreational areas for swimming or fishing.

Invasive Mussel Prevention

Invasive mussels can be unknowingly transported from one lake to another by boaters. Lake County law requires screening of all trailered water vessels, and display of current mussel sticker on all watercraft launched in Lake County. For additional information, visit