Flood Preparation

Flood conditions are predicted throughout Lake County beginning the week of February 25. Conditions in and around Clear Lake are expected to be similar to the February 2017 flood when the lake peaked at 10.63 Rumsey. The site includes links to California Nevada River Forecast Center and US Geological Survey pages that will help determine current lake and creek levels and forecasts.  


Flow: The velocity and volume of water as it moves along in a body of water, measured in cubic feet per second (cfs). One cfs is the equivalent of 449 gallons per minute (gpm). A typical garden hose flows about 5 gpm. 
Forecast: The projected stages and flows based on the forecasted rainfall for the next 5 days. Forecast also shows observed conditions for the previous 5 days. 
Rumsey: The natural level of Clear Lake maintained by the Grigsby Riffle, a rock sill located at the confluence of Cache and Seigler Creeks near Lower Lake. The natural low water level of Clear Lake was established as “Zero Rumsey” and all subsequent lake measurements are based on this elevation. 
Stage: Level of water in a water body at a given moment measured in feet.

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Clear Lake at Lakeportlinks to external site (Forecast)
Clear Lake at Lakeportlinks to external site (Stage)
Scotts Creek near Lakeportlinks to external site (Forecast)
Middle Creek near Upper Lakelinks to external site (Forecast)
Kelsey Creek near Kelseyvillelinks to external site (Forecast) 
Discharge from Cache Creeklinks to external site (Stage/Flow) 
Interactive Rumsey Map links to external site

Road Conditions 

Local Road Conditions
State Route 20links to external site
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County Parks and Ramps Closures
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