Aquatic Plant Management

Most property owners will not possess the machinery for mechanical harvest or the requisite licenses for pesticide application. The Department of Water Resources maintains a list of 2018 Aquatic Plant Management Operators with approved harvest equipment and licensed commercial pesticide applicators (the list is not intended as an endorsement of any business or individual). Usually, an agreement is reached between the lakeshore property owner and/or contractor, and the contractor then applies for the permit.

The Lake County Department of Water Resources will serve as the Single Point source for obtaining a permit to control weeds on Clear Lake. Receiving approval to conduct weed control operations on public property can be very complicated, but Water Resources will coordinate and expedite the process:
  1. Permission to control weeds (Department of Water Resources)
  2. Enforcement of herbicide regulations (County Agricultural Commissioner)
  3. Clearance for weed control activities in hydrilla infested areas (California Department of Food and Agriculture)
  4. Permission to alter fish and wildlife habitat (California Department of Fish and Game)
  5. Permission to discharge a potential pollutant (aquatic herbicide) into public waters (California State Water Resources Control Board)
Permit Application

All aquatic plant management activities, regardless of extent or method, require a permit and must be approved in advance.

In order to obtain permission to control weeds in Clear Lake, a person may apply at the Water Resources counter or print the application from the link below.

 2019 Clear Lake Aquatic Plant Management Permit Application

The Department provides a 2018 Detailed Guide to the Clear Lake Aquatic Plant Management Permit and for those that want a short update for the year there is the Quick Guide to Aquatic Plant Management on Clear Lake 2018.  Valid applications must be accompanied by a Lakebed Map of the Shore of Clear Lake, scale 1”=50’, or aerial photo highlighting the treatment area, and requisite fees, when necessary. The complete application is processed and a copy is circulated to the CDFA Hydrilla Eradication field office and the Lake County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office for approval or denial based on their jurisdictional authority.

Permits will be issued by the Department of Water Resources upon review and approval of the appropriate agencies. The Department will notify the applicant when the application is ready for pickup, usually within 48 hours of initial receipt of permit. The permit must be picked up at the Water Resources Department and the applicant must sign the permit committing to compliance with all programmatic and specific conditions.

Aquatic Weed Management Letter of Intent May 2018