2010-2011 CWP Annual Report

The CWP Annual Report has been divided into sections in order to reduce file size for downloading. Click on links below to download the various sections of the report. Documents are in PDF format and requre Acrobat Reader to view. Download free Acrobat Reader here.

2010-2011 Annual Report Document
(NOTE: Appendices must be downloaded seperately using links below)

Appendix 1 Program Administration

Appendix 2-1 Public Outreach & Education Materials & Brochures

Appendix 2-2 Copies of Program Web Pages

Appendix 2-3 / 2-4 Creek Idetification Signs / Stormwater Drain Markers, Clearlake and County

Appendix 2-5 Clean Water Program Brochures

Appendix 3 Public Involvement and Participation

Appendix 4 Construction and Post Construction

Appendix 6 Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination