Management Plan & Maps

Management Plan

In February 2006, the Clear Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan (APMP) and the Final Programatic Environmental Impact Report (FPEIR) were adopted by the Lake County Board of Supervisors.  The APMP and FPEIR establish parameters for aquatic plant management on Clear Lake.  The County's implementation of the Aquatic Plant Management Program is based on these two documents.  Links to the documents are below:

Aquatic Plant Management Plan

Final Programatic Environmental Impact Report  

Management Maps

Lower Arm

Clearlake & Lower Lake Konocti Bay

Oaks Arm

Clearlake Oaks & Glenhaven

The Narrows

Buckingham & Soda Bay The Narrows

Upper Arm North

North Lakeport

Upper Arm South

Buckingham & Soda Bay
Lakeport & Kelseyville
North Lakeport
South Lakeport


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