Big Valley Groundwater Sustainability Agency

The Big Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency will develop, adopt, and implement a groundwater sustainability plan for the Big Valley Basin in order to implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act’s requirements and achieve the sustainability goals outlined in SGMA.

Throughout the development and implementation of the Big Valley Basin GSP, the GSA will involve the public and local stakeholders through outreach and engagement efforts.

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Governing Board

“The Big Valley GSA is committed to working with regional and local partners to sustainably manage the groundwater resources within the Big Valley Groundwater Basin.”

  • Moke Simon, District 1
  • Bruno Sabatier, District 2
  • Eddie Crandell, District 3
  • Tina Scott, District 4
  • Jessica Pyska, District 5
Big Valley Groundwater Basin Stakeholders
GSP Stakeholders

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