Well Hydrographs

 Below are links to select well hydrographs within each major groundwater basin showing historic groundwater levels.  Each well is labeled as follows:

Well Number: This is a number assigned by the State, for instance 14N-09W-32M1. The well number identifies the well by Township, Range, Section number and by lot within the section (there are 16 lots).

Reference Point Elevation: This is the elevation of the reference point the groundwater is measured from.  It is normally several inches to two feet above ground elevation.

Water Surface Elevation: This is the groundwater level measured within each well.  Low data points may be due to drought or due to groundwater level depression due to well pumping at the measured well or at nearby wells.

These hydrographs only tell part of the story of each groundwater basin, as long term groundwater conditions due to changing water use and aquifer conditions can have a substantial effect the average spring and fall levels. Conditions are also different within different areas within a basin.

Bachelor Valley 15N-10W-03D1
Bachelor Valley 15N-10W-03N1
Bachelor Valley 15N-10W-04B1
Big Valley 13N-09W-02C2
Big Valley 13N-09W-02H1
Big Valley 13N-09W-02K3
Big Valley 13N-09W-03P1
Big Valley 13N-09W-03R1
Big Valley 13N-09W-03R2
Big Valley 13N-09W-04G1
Big Valley 13N-09W-04Q3
Big Valley 13N-09W-06H2
Big Valley 13N-09W-06H3
Big Valley 13N-09W-06N1
Big Valley 13N-09W-07A3
Big Valley 13N-09W-07E1
Big Valley 13N-09W-08K2
Big Valley 13N-09W-09D5
Big Valley 13N-09W-09L1
Big Valley 13N-09W-10E1
Big Valley 13N-09W-11F1
Big Valley 13N-09W-12M2
Big Valley 13N-09W-14P2
Big Valley 13N-09W-15B2
Big Valley 13N-09W-15D1
Big Valley 13N-09W-15J1
Big Valley 13N-09W-15M1
Big Valley 13N-09W-16E2
Big Valley 13N-09W-16L1
Big Valley 13N-09W-17C2
Big Valley 13N-09W-18J1
Big Valley 13N-09W-19J1
Big Valley 13N-09W-21J1
Big Valley 13N-09W-22F1
Big Valley 13N-09W-22M1
Big Valley 13N-09W-27D1
Big Valley 13N-09W-27Q1
Big Valley 13N-09W-28J2
Big Valley 13N-09W-28N3
Big Valley 13N-09W-29R1
Big Valley 13N-09W-30A1
Big Valley 14N-09W-32G2
Big Valley 14N-09W-32M1
Big Valley 14N-09W-33L3
Big Valley 14N-09W-34F2
Burns Valley 13N-07W-21H1
CL Volcanics 12N-06W-33R01M
Collayomi Valley 10N-06W-06L1
Collayomi Valley 10N-06W-06R1
Collayomi Valley 10N-06W-08K1
Collayomi Valley 10N-07W-01A1
Collayomi Valley 10N-07W-03L4
Collayomi Valley 10N-07W-03M1
Collayomi Valley 10N-07W-14P2
Collayomi Valley 11N-07W-33J2
Collayomi Valley 11N-07W-33M1
Collayomi Valley 11N-07W-35E1
Coyote Valley 11N-06W-19P2
Coyote Valley 11N-06W-20E1
Coyote Valley 11N-06W-27M1
Coyote Valley 11N-06W-29M1
Coyote Valley 11N-06W-30A2
Coyote Valley 11N-07W-25P1
High Valley 14N-08W-23K1
High Valley 14N-08W-24B2
High Valley 14N-08W-24H1
High Valley 14N-08W-24L1
Scotts Valley 14N-10W-10Q1
Scotts Valley 14N-10W-11G1
Scotts Valley 14N-10W-14E2
Scotts Valley 14N-10W-14F1
Upper Lake Valley 15N-09W-05L1
Upper Lake Valley 15N-09W-06E2
Upper Lake Valley 15N-09W-06K1
Upper Lake Valley 15N-09W-06R1
Upper Lake Valley 15N-09W-09L1
Upper Lake Valley 15N-09W-18H3
Upper Lake Valley 15N-10W-01R1
Upper Lake Valley 16N-09W-31C3
Upper Lake Valley 16N-09W-31Q1

Last Updated: April 15, 2015