Middle Creek Restoration Project

Rodman SloughThe Middle Creek Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration Project (Project) will eliminate flood risk to 18 residential structures, numerous outbuildings and approximately 1,650 acres of agricultural land and will restore damaged habitat and the water quality of the Clear Lake watershed. Reconnection of this large, previously reclaimed area, as a functional wetland is anticipated to have a significant affect on the watershed health and the water quality of Clear Lake. For more information, click here.

Property acquisition has begun utilizing State grant funds. Information is available here and current progress on the property acquisition is located here.


Middle Creek Project Committee

Name Title Role
Eddie Crandell  County of Lake
District 3 Supervisor
Committee Chair
 Bruno Sabatier County of Lake
District 2 Supervisor
Committee Vice-Chair
Marina Deligiannis County of Lake
Deputy Water Resources Director
Committee Member
Harry Lyons  Middle Creek Restoration
 Committee Member
Peter Windrem 

Middle Creek Restoration

 Committee Member

For all committee documents click here.

Please email the Committee Secretary at [email protected], if you would like to be included in the Middle Creek Project Committee mailing list.