Community Involvement

Storm Water Management Information

To learn more about Storm Water Management, follow the link provided.

Prevent Invasive Mussels

For information, please call Lake County Water Resources (707) 263-2344, or visit their web site at


For County unincorporated areas, visit the Lake County Public Works Adopt-A-Road page.

For the City of Lakeport, please call (707) 263-5613

For the City of Clearlake, please call (707) 994-8201

Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous wastes will be collected from Lake County residents. See Hazmobile Events for more information.

Street Sweeping

Lake County Public Works Staff regularly sweep streets within the unincorporated areas of the County on a fixed schedule that is flexible upon need. In the unincorporated communities of Lake County, please wait until after Noon (12 pm) to park vehicles on the streets designated for street sweeping on days listed below.

County Street Sweeper Schedule 4 am - 12 pm
Day Location
Monday Kelseyille: Main St & back streets, 1/2 Rivieras
Tuesday Rest of Kelseyville, Lower Lake, Clearlake Oaks
Wednesday Middletown
Thursday 1/2 Rivieras, Extra sweeping as requested 
Friday Upper Lake, Nice, Lucerne, and Lakeport

Other unincorporated communities areas are swept once a month or as needed.
The Keys, Orchard Shores, Kono Tayee, Loch Lomond area, and additional passes on Main St. Kelseyville as needed. In the Fall of the year DPW crews will clean out drop inlets.

The City of Lakeport regularly sweeps streets within the City on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Contact the City to confirm which streets are serviced and do not park on the streets on the designated day.

Currently the City of Clearlake does not have a street sweeping program.


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