House Cleaners & Wastes

Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste Properly

Never dump household hazardous waste such as pesticides, fertilizers, paint or solvents down the toilet, down the drain, into a storm drain, open waterway or ditch. Beyond posing a threat to our health and environment, such dumping is illegal.

For proper household hazardous waste disposal information, call Lake County Public Services (707) 262-1760 or visit their web site at:

You may dispose of household hazardous waste with the regularly scheduled HAZMOBILE Program.

Report Potentially Hazardous Spills or Illegal Dumping

Report spills and dumping to Lake County Environmental Health at (707) 263-1164.

For information on the proper disposal of household hazardous wastes, contact Lake County Public Services at (707) 262-1760.

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