Illegal Activities & Water Quality

Examples of negative water impacts:

  • Improper disposal/ dumping of automotive fluids
  • Removal of tules and riparian vegetation
  • Dumping of resturant and houshold grease/ fats and/or mop and cleaning water 
  • Illegal grading and clearing: Disturbed soil runs into tributaries clogging waterways after rain/ storm events impacting fish habitat
  • Recreational soil disturbance (Off  Road/Highway Vehicles, ATVs)
  • Unmaintained/ failing construction site procedures
  • Stockpiling/dumping unwanted pears, grapes or organics near a creek/ water way
  • Piles of manure allowed or placed near creeks and water ways
  • Garbage dumped near a creek
  • Concrete dumped in or near creeks or waterways
  • Misuse or misapplication of chemicals (herbicides, paint, solvents, fertilizers)
  • Large and small dead animals near or in waterways
  • Sewage spills or discharge near or to waterways
  • Fires and the resulting cleanup
  • Illegal Marijuana grow sites
  • Re-routing water with illegal dams and siphons

Illegal Marijuana cultivation results in residue from garbage and chemicals that flow into the tributaries and waterways of Lake County with rain/ storm events.

Lake County Clean Water Program IDDE Procedures and Forms (Updated 2019)


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