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New Office Hours

Now Open Monday-Thursday



To better serve the public during this time of deep financial crisis and severe understaffing, the following offices are open to the public 8am-5pm, Monday-Thursday:

Location Office(s)
 255 N. Forbes St.,  Lakeport
Administration (including Clerk of the Board of Supervisors)
Auditor-Controller-County Clerk
Board of Supervisors
Community Development
County Counsel*
Human Resources
Information Technology
Public Works
Treasurer-Tax Collector
 333 2nd St., Lakeport
 Public Services
 375 3rd St., Lakeport
 District Attorney
 420 2nd St., Lakeport
 District Attorney, Victim-Witness Division
 230 N. Main St., Lakeport
 Special Districts
 2617 S. Main St., Lakeport
 Lake County Air Quality Management District**
 3980 Gard St., Kelseyville
 Child Support Services

We will be working hard behind the scenes to catch up on critical projects, train new County staff, and build a brighter future.

*The County Counsel’s Office will be available on Friday to receive litigation-related pleadings, required court appearances, and similar matters.

**Lake County Air Quality Management District is available Monday-Thursday by appointment, only, at this time.


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