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All phone numbers are (707) area code.

Elected Officials

Assessor/Recorder Richard Ford  263-2302
County Clerk/Auditor-Controller Cathy Saderlund  263-2311
District Attorney Susan Krones  263-2251
Sheriff/Coroner Brian Martin 262-4200
Supervisor, District 1 Moke Simon 263-2368
Supervisor, District 2 Bruno Sabatier 263-2368
Supervisor, District 3 Eddie Crandell 263-2368
Supervisor, District 4 Tina Scott 263-2368
Supervisor, District 5 Jessica Pyska 263-2368
Treasurer-Tax Collector Barbara Ringen 263-2236

Appointed Officials

Position Name  Phone
Administrative Officer Susan Parker  263-2580
Agricultural Commissioner Katherine Vanderwall  263-0217
Air Pollution Control Officer Doug Gearhart  263-7000
Animal Control Director Jonathan Armas 263-0278
Behavior Health Director Todd Metcalf 274-9101
Child Support Services Director Gail Woodworth 866-901-3212
Community Development Director Mary Darby  263-2221
County Counsel Anita Grant  263-2321
Health Services Director Jonathan Portney  263-8929
Human Resources Director    263-2213
Information Technology Director Shane French 263-2286
Librarian Christopher Veach  263-8816
Probation Officer, Chief Rob Howe  263-2361
Public Services Director Lars Ewing  262-1618
Public Works Director Scott De Leon  263-2341
Registrar of Voters Maria Valadez  263-2372
Social Services Director Crystal Markytan  995-4200
Special Districts Administrator Scott Harter 263-0119
UC Cooperative Ext/Farm Advisor John Harper 263-6838
Veterans Services Officer Saul Sanabria 263-2384
Water Resources Director Scott De Leon 263-2334
County Seal
Carter Named Assistant CAO

Stephen Carter brings deep County operations and finance insight to this new role.

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