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Seventh COVID-19 Related Death in Lake County

Fourth Death from Same Residential Care Facility Cluster

LAKE COUNTY, CA – Lake County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Gary Pace announced the recent death of a seventh Lake County resident from a COVID-19 related illness. This individual lived at the local senior residential facility where an outbreak has occurred. These facility residents were over the age of 65 with underlying chronic medical issues. Our condolences go out to the family and friends.

The facility took immediate steps to stop the spread, by setting up a special “COVID wing” for the positive residents, and dedicating specific staff for the COVID hallway. Public Health staff and state infectious disease experts have been working closely with the facility in an attempt to contain the infection. At this point, the efforts are to contain the initial wave of infection which appears to have originated from a staff member getting exposed outside of work and bringing it into the facility. Further testing will determine if the spread has been stopped. At this point, a total of 9 staff and 22 residents (including the 4 who have died) have tested positive.

“The importance of mask-wearing and preventative measures cannot be over-emphasized. This outbreak is a heartbreaking example of how devastating COVID can be, especially in our most vulnerable community members. We encourage everyone to continue taking proper precautions in order to slow the spread.” said Dr. Gary Pace.

Residents seeking public health information on how to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus can access Lake County’s Public Health Division webpage at or call the COVID-19 hotline at (707) 263-8174 to speak to a Public Health adviser.

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