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Committee Forming to Plan Community Visioning Forums Focused on Promoting Tolerance, Respect, Equity and Inclusion in Lake County

4 Public Seats Available, Apply at

Lake County, CA (March 22, 2021) – On Tuesday, February 23, the Lake County Board of Supervisors unanimously proclaimed “Promoting Tolerance, Respect, Equity and Inclusion” among their utmost priorities:

This historic moment was punctuated by each Supervisor reading a portion of the Proclamation, and affirming their commitment to hosting Community Visioning Forums to unearth priorities in the following categories:
• Meaningful actions and activities that will build bridges where there may be walls;
• Fostering tolerance, respect, understanding, equity and inclusion;
• Promotion non-violence and non-violent conflict resolution;
• Focusing resources on underlying causes and conditions that lead to inequitable resource and justice distribution; and
• Relevant solutions for any social injustices, as they may come to light.

Board members are working to develop these listening sessions now, and looking for four community members that can help ensure they are inclusive and effective.

Does the Board’s Proclamation resonate with you?  Do you have experience designing effective and engaging events?  Please consider being a part of this historic effort, by applying for a spot on our Community Visioning Forum Planning Committee:

“For nearly 80 years,” notes Lake County’s District 4 Supervisor, Tina Scott, “Americans have cast the vision that our nation should be, ‘indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.’  That isn’t a simple objective that can be outlined once, accomplished, and crossed off a list.  It is a call, in everything we do, to ask the hard questions, and strive toward a more perfect union.”

“It is also a demand to develop policies that offer all of our neighbors an equal opportunity to thrive,” continues District 3 Supervisor, Eddie Crandell.  “It is a privilege to partner with and inspire Lake County residents to promote that ideal.”

Water Faucet
Urgent Health Advisory

Effective immediately, people on private water systems whose tap water comes from their own private intake into the lake, in the Oaks Arm and Lower Arm of Clear Lake should not drink the water.

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