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Metcalf: Statement Regarding Data Breach Incident

LAKE COUNTY, CA (February 4, 2020) – On the morning of December 6, 2019, County staff discovered a break-in had occurred during the previous night at the Lake County Behavioral Health Services Clinic located at 7000-B S Center Dr., in Clearlake.

An immediate investigation by the Clearlake Policy Department determined the break-in occurred by forcible entry through a locked window and then through a locked office, resulting in the theft of a locked filing cabinet used for storage of client protected health information.

The protected health information varied by client, and generally included some or all of the following elements: full name; prescribed medication; case number; appointment dates and times; phone number; payments; and amounts due for services received.  One compromised client file additionally contained a full Social Security Number, date of birth, disability status, medical history, substance use history, Medi-Cal beneficiary identification number, and income verification information.

All affected individuals were sent a personalized notice in the mail, detailing the type of information potentially accessed.  To help protect you or your child’s identity, you may wish to take immediate action.  This may include the following precautions.

Registering a fraud alert with the three credit bureaus listed below:
•    Experian: (888) 397-3742;
•    TransUnion: (800) 680-7289;
•    Equifax: (866) 349-5191;

Ordering a free report from all three credit bureaus:
•    Ordering online:

Lake County Behavioral Health Services has taken steps to further secure protected health information by relocating any cabinets containing protected health information into a locked room that has no windows, located deep in the interior of the clinic complex. An alarm system, including video surveillance and 24 hour monitoring, has also been initiated.

We sincerely apologize and regret this situation has occurred. Lake County Behavioral Health Services is committed to providing quality care, including guarding your protected health information.  

If you have any questions please contact Vanessa Mayer at (707) 274-9101, or (800) 900-2075.

Todd Metcalf is the Administrator of Lake County Behavioral Health Services.


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