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Fire Relief: Where to Donate

Fire Relief: Where to Donate

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. (October 12, 2017) – The County has received many requests for information on how to most effectively make donations to assist Sulphur Fire Survivors and their families.

Cash donations are most helpful.  They allow those helping to direct assistance to where it is most needed.  Clothing donations can require significant time and even financial resources to distribute. 

If someone close to you needs clothing or other household items, please provide them if you can; if you are able to help the broader relief effort, cash is best.

Please make cash donations here:

To those directly impacted by wildfire, know that your community’s hearts, minds and hands are with you.  County staff has been once again humbled and heartened by the generosity of Lake County residents.

Those who are able, we appreciate your supporting the relief effort with cash donations at this time.