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Health Leaders Attend FEMA Course

May 3, 2019 (Lake County, CA) -- From April 14 through April 18, 2019, the County of Lake Health Services Department, and community partners, attended the 2019 FEMA Healthcare Coalition Response Leadership (HRCL) course in Anniston, Alabama.

The HCRL course is based on guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control, and Prevention Public Health Preparedness Capabilities, as well as best practices for healthcare coalition building, preparedness, response, and recovery.
Attendees received instruction on the development of indicators, triggers, and tactics for proactive health coalition planning.  In addition, the course provided techniques and instruction for healthcare coalition response and recovery leadership, during an emergency.

Lake County health leaders also gained practical experience in healthcare coalition leadership response, through a series of progressive exercises designed to emulate realistic community and regional public health and medical emergencies.  Our Health Services Department and community partners learned the latest emergency planning procedures, and received valuable information to ensure our county’s safety during an actual emergency.

FEMA Coalition

Attendees included in the attached picture (left to right):
Christine Jolin, Emergency Management Coordinator, Adventist Health Clearlake
Iyesha Miller, Health Programs Manager, Lake County Public Health
Dr. Erin Gustafson, Public Health Officer, Lake County Public Health
Chrissy Valadez, Firefighter/Paramedic, North Shore Fire Department
Dean Eichelmann, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Lake County Public Health
Morgen Jarus, Development Coordinator, Sutter Lakeside Hospital
Denise Pomeroy, Director, Lake County Health Services Department
Mike Marsh, EMT/TEMS Specialist, Paramedics Plus
Jason Bond, Operations Manager, American Medical Response

Water Faucet
Urgent Health Advisory

Effective immediately, people on private water systems whose tap water comes from their own private intake into the lake, in the Oaks Arm and Lower Arm of Clear Lake should not drink the water.

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