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First Case of COVID-19 Identified in Lake County

An urgent and important message from Lake County’s Public Health Officer, Gary Pace MD, MPH.

Lake County, CA (April 5, 2020) – The first case of COVID-19 in Lake County was identified today, April 5.   The transmission appears to have been from contact with a known case at an out-of-county workplace.  There is no evidence of community spread, at this point.  The patient is currently doing well, following appropriate precautions, and is isolated. 

Public Health Nursing is communicating with the patient, and helping the person to safely follow the home isolation protocol.  Contact Tracing is underway, as well.  In order to slow community spread, we want to take whatever steps possible to identify any close contacts that could be infected, and separate the sick people from those that aren’t sick.

All of the efforts people have been making over the last month to avoid travel and unnecessary activity have paid off.  Compared to Sonoma County and the Bay Area, we have had a few extra weeks to prepare for the presence of the virus in our midst.  Almost certainly, we would have had cases earlier, and seen a sharper rise in numbers, had we been less proactive in recent weeks.

Now, it is even more important that Lake County residents continue to follow the ‘shelter in place’ order.  Most likely, there will be more cases in the coming weeks.  Since spread of the virus can occur for a few days before symptoms are evident, keeping out of the public and taking precautions continues to be extremely important, even if you “feel fine,” or no one nearby “seems sick.” 

Adhering to the following strict practices will slow the spread of the virus in our community:
• Stay at home (and in contact with those in your immediate household, only) except for essential business;
• Isolate, even from family, if you develop symptoms;
• Wash your hands frequently; and
• Use cloth masks (not N95 or surgical masks) when out of the house. 

People strictly following these rules will give us the best chance of keeping the spread slow enough it is manageable for our medical facilities.  By ignoring the ‘shelter in place’ order, you run the risk of jeopardizing your family and friends’ health, and also the health of the vulnerable people in your area.

For Lake County-specific Coronavirus information, visit the Lake County Health Services Department’s website:

If you still have questions, send an email request: [email protected].                                           

You can also call during business hours: 707-263-8174

Stay informed.  Stay Strong.  Stay Home.

Thank you,
Gary Pace MD, MPH

Primer caso de COVID-19 identificado en el condado de Lake

Wright Peak
Mt Konocti Park Meeting

Wednesday, October 20, Lake County Parks & Recreation will host a community meeting to solicit public input for potential improvements and increased recreational opportunities at Mount Konocti County Park.

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