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Letters of Support

Lake County is actively working on a federal Build Back Better Grant application which would strongly support several key community issues:
• Wildfires in our area
• Public Safety Power Shutoffs by PG&E
• Economic development

If awarded these Grants, we would have the opportunity to install large water tanks with very large water capacities. These would feed:
• Fire hydrants along our hills
• Fire water truck refill stations
• Capacity to fill pool like structure for closer refill of water dropping helicopters.

If awarded these Grants, we could employ additional electrical systems to help keep the lights on and operations up and running in our critical buildings like hospitals, Police stations, blood banks.

Just think, if we could help eliminate PSPS events from PG&E in our area, while greatly reducing the risk of wildfires on our communities, what would this do for our Economic Development?
• Real Estate prices would go up
• Hotels would have higher occupancy rates, and improved rates.
• Restaurants would see higher bookings
• Gas stations would sell more gas
• General tourism would be greater

How can Lake County residents help?
This grant is for Economic Development, and they are not asking for signatures on a form. They are asking for independent supporting letters to outline the financial impact on your business if we could reduce or get rid of the PSPS events and threat of wildfires.

Please help us by writing to the County of Lake with your Support of the Build Back Better Grant application, and explain how reducing the threat posed by wildfires and PSPS events would enhance your business.

Letters are needed by Saturday October 16. They should be one page and, demonstrate how the energy and disaster resilience supported by these grant funds would help local Economic Development.

Please send your letter to:
Matthew T. Rothstein
Deputy County Administrative Officer
Public Information Officer
[email protected]

Wright Peak
Mt Konocti Park Meeting

Wednesday, October 20, Lake County Parks & Recreation will host a community meeting to solicit public input for potential improvements and increased recreational opportunities at Mount Konocti County Park.

Meeting info