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May is Mental Health Month

LAKE COUNTY, CA (May 1, 2020) – Please join Lake County Behavioral Health Services in celebrating Mental Health Month this May.  Launched in 1949 by Mental Health America, this is the most recognized mental health awareness event in the United States.  Just last year, Mental Health Month media and materials were seen and used by nearly 250 million Americans.
When you or a loved one is grappling with a mental health concern, sometimes it can be a lot to handle.  It is critical to keep in mind mental health is important to everyone’s overall health and well-being.  Good mental health is a key contributor to good physical health.
This month, Lake County Behavioral Health Services is focusing on how a healthy lifestyle can help prevent the onset or worsening of mental health conditions, along with diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other chronic health issues.
Healthy lifestyle choices can also help folks successfully recover from these types of medical conditions. Managing stress, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising can go a long way in making one both mentally and physically healthy.
“It is important to take a really hard look at your overall health, both mentally and physically, in order to achieve wellness,” states Todd Metcalf, Director of Lake County Behavioral Health Services.  “Eating healthy foods that positively impact your gut health, getting the appropriate amount of exercise, getting enough rest and stress reduction — it’s all about achieving the right balance to benefit both body and mind.”
Lake County Behavioral Health Services wants everyone to know mental illnesses are real, and recovery is always the goal.  Living a healthy lifestyle may not always be easy, but taking a look at one’s overall health every day — both mentally and physically — goes a long way to ensure a focus on fitness.
This is especially critical during these unprecedented times, as we navigate the uncharted waters of COVID-19.  We encourage everyone to join Lake County Behavioral Health Services in celebrating Mental Health Month by spotlighting the importance of both healthy mind and body.
For assistance and more information, please contact Lake County Behavioral Health Services at 707-274-9101 or 707-994-7090.
Water Faucet
Urgent Health Advisory

Effective immediately, people on private water systems whose tap water comes from their own private intake into the lake, in the Oaks Arm and Lower Arm of Clear Lake should not drink the water.

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