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2018 Resident Quagga Mussel Stickers

The Lake County Quagga sticker is required for all resident vessels operating on Clear Lake in addition to the state Quagga sticker. Both resident and non-resident stickers cost $20.

Lake County residents are reminded to check in at a participating screening location early in 2018 and when you return from an out-of-county trip with your boat.  Our screeners stay up-to-date on which counties in the western United States are have infested waters.  Re-screening, inspection and if needed, decontamination of your boat are FREE.

Remember: CLEAN, DRAIN AND DRY your boat between waters

• Larval Quagga mussels are invisible to the naked eye and spread easily in the residual water found in boats, motors and live wells
• Glass-sharp shells of dead mussels litter beaches creating a hazard
• Each mussel can filter over a quart of water per day removing plankton that forms the basis of the aquatic food chain

For the latest list of screening locations visit or call Lake County Water Resources at (707) 263-2344.