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PSPS Update: PG&E Officials to Join September 1 Board of Supervisors Meeting at 10am

Lake County, CA (August 28, 2020) – The Public Safety Power Shutoff Events of fall 2019 were extremely difficult for Lake County’s communities.  As repetitive and overlapping events kept many of the County’s most vulnerable in the dark and disconnected from the outside world, and threatened the viability of area businesses, County residents resoundingly responded this could not be a “new normal” for California.

Over the past year, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company has worked to limit the impact of PSPS Events, and harden their energy infrastructure assets against fire risk through their PG&E Community Wildfire Safety Program.
Their goal is to limit the number and frequency of PSPS Events, and by doing so, limit disruption of California communities.
On Tuesday, September 1, at 10am, PG&E Officials will join the Lake County Board of Supervisors to provide an update on their Community Wildfire Safety Program, and respond to your questions.
Presenters are expected to include:
•       Aaron Johnson, Vice President of Wildfire Strategy
•       Jason Regan, Director of Wildfire Mitigation
•       Jon Stallman, Manager of Microgrid Strategy
Additional PG&E staff in attendance will include:
•       Donovan Lee, Public Safety Strategy Specialist
•       Melinda Rivera, Local Public Affairs Representative
PG&E has already announced the following measures, intended to make events smaller:
•       Adding switches and sectionalizing devices to both our distribution and transmission lines that limit the size of outages,
•       Developing microgrids that use temporary generators to keep the lights on in communities where it is safe to do so and
•       Conducting targeted undergrounding of our power lines
•       We are also seeking to cut restoration times in half compared to 2019.
•       Our goal this year is to inspect the system for damage and restore power to 98% of the impacted customers within 12 daylight hours after severe weather has passed.
Additionally, “to make PSPS events shorter in length,” the following actions have been taken:
•       Nearly doubling our exclusive-use helicopter fleet during events from 35 to 65,
•       Using two airplanes with infrared cameras capable of inspecting transmission lines at night and
•       Adding more field crews to speed inspection of lines
What will these efforts, and others taken by PG&E, mean for Lake County this fall?  Tune in Tuesday, September 1, 2020, at 10am to find out.
The Board’s meeting will be viewable at and Lake County PEG TV (Mediacom Channel 8 ).
No later than 72 hours in advance of the meeting, the Agenda and Zoom info (to remotely participate and ask questions in real time) will be available here:
You can learn more about PG&E’s Community Wildfire Safety Program and the role Public Safety Power Shutoffs can play at  This page even includes a video describing what is new for the PSPS Program in 2020:
To view PG&E’s 7-day Weather and PSPS Potential Outlook, click here:
Lake County residents are encouraged to Prepare Now, and we hope many of you are able to join PG&E’s presentation, and share your questions and concerns.


The Lake Office Of Emergency Services Is Hosting a public information meeting.

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