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Debris Insurance Collection Packets

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. (July 14, 2017) – In fall 2015, many survivors of the Valley Fire authorized the County or its designee to enter their properties and remove structural and tree debris that presented a health and safety hazard to the general public.  The program completed burn debris clearance on nearly 1,700 properties, most by CalRecycle.

Debris was cleared in exchange for the property owner’s promise to pay whatever amount was ultimately reimbursed under their insurance policy.

CalRecycle recently provided invoicing information, and the County is now required to collect funds to reimburse the State.

This Monday, July 17, 6pm, at Twin Pines Casino Event Center, the County of Lake will host a meeting for Valley Fire Survivors in the Middletown, Anderson Springs, and Cobb areas.  County Supervisors Moke Simon, District 1, and Rob Brown, District 5, County Administrative Officer Carol J. Huchingson, two representatives of the California State Department of Insurance, and County staff will be available to answer questions and respond to concerns.  To best serve the survivors, all informational packets not previously distributed will be available July 17.

Packets will contain all information needed for property owners to pay their personal obligation.  Each packet will also include a form authorizing the property owner’s insurance company to release information directly to the County, in the event this becomes necessary.

For any survivors unable to attend Monday’s Task Force meeting, packets will be sent out via postal mail the week of July 17.

An additional Question and Answer session with County Supervisors, County staff and representatives from the Department of insurance, will be held Monday, July 31, 6pm, at Cobb Elementary School.

Property owners who prefer pay at the July 17 or July 31 meeting can bring a check in the appropriate amount, and copies of the following documents from their insurance company:  Declarations page, structural debris and tree debris removal sections from the insurance policy, and the insurance company’s Settlement statement.

Some may already know the amount their insurance company reimbursed.  The County is accepting payments now.  Property owners are welcome to mail their insurance documents and check to:

County of Lake Administrative Office
ATTN: Valley Fire Recovery
255 North Forbes St.
Lakeport, CA  95453

Please note, all Valley Fire survivors who received services from the County or its designee must complete and sign the insurance authorization form.

For more information, contact the County of Lake Administrative Office at (707) 263-2580.