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Potable, Drinkable Water Available to 280 Properties Affected by Health Advisory

For human health or animal illness, contact Public Health at 707-263-1090
For general information or questions, contact Water Resources at 707-263-2344

Golden State Water and Mt. Konocti Mutual Water Companies Step Up to Support Local and State Officials in Meeting Basic Needs for Affected Property Owners
Lake County, CA (September 17, 2021) – On Wednesday evening(9/15), approximately 280 properties in the Oaks and Lower Arms of Clear Lake that use a personal, private intake to draw their household water directly from the lake were advised by Public Health Officials not to consume their tap water, due to high cyanotoxin levels.  
Thanks to the swift and collaborative efforts of local officials, local water systems, and the State Water Resources Control Board, alternative filling stations have been established to provide potable, drinkable water to the affected property owners.  See Map on page 2.
• Fill Station for Houses in the Blue Zone: 10680 Lakeshore Drive, Clearlake: provided by Golden State Water Company, 1-800-999-4033,

• Fill Station for Houses in the Red Zone: 4980 Hawaina Way, Kelseyville*: provided by Mt. Konocti MWC, (707) 277-7466, * There will be a sign that reads, "POTABLE WATER”.
Water availability begins Saturday September 18, 2021, 12 Noon, and is strictly limited to property owners affected by the Health Advisory. This water is intended to meet very basic household needs (e.g., drinking, cooking), please limit to 25 gallons per week per household.  Many thanks to all residents for respecting these conditions, so this help can be sustainably provided to those affected by the Health Advisory.
The treatment process and testing are designed to ensure that the water delivered to our customers meets all water quality standards. The finished water has been tested and meets health guidelines for cyanotoxins. Once the water leaves the point of connection, the Water Systems can no longer guarantee that the water continues to be free of contamination. Individuals should bring their own clean containers that are meant for food or beverage storage.

Big Valley EPA recently sampled 50 of the 280 private systems drawing water directly from the lake in the Oaks and Lower Arms of Clear Lake.  This project is part of the CalWATCH program (  Participation was voluntary.  90% of tested tap water from those that participated showed amounts of cyanotoxin above the safe drinking water level advised by USEPA.  This was before the recent very significant rise in toxins, so cyanotoxin levels in these private systems are likely much higher now.  There is no easy fix if you are getting your water in this way - boiling or putting chemicals in the lake or tap water does not eliminate the toxins.
9/15 Health Advisory: “Effective immediately, people on private water systems whose tap water comes from their own private intake into the lake, in the Oaks Arm and Lower Arm of Clear Lake should not drink the water.  Very high levels of Cyanotoxin have been identified in these areas of the lake, and we are concerned there may be health impacts if private water systems are not effectively filtering out these toxins.”
Clarification by Lake County Special Districts Administration, drinking water provider for many Lake County residents: “This does not apply to Public [or large privately-owned and professionally managed] Water Systems using Clear Lake as a raw water source.  Public Water Systems have multifaceted treatment processes in place to effectively treat for cyanotoxins and provide safe water for consumption and use.  Additionally, all 18 Public Water Systems on the lake regularly test the raw and treated water for Microcystins and report to the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water.  Please contact your Public Water System if you would like more information on those test results.”

Potable Water Filling

Facilities Closure – Thanksgiving Holiday

The Lake County Public Services Department announced today that the Eastlake Landfill and the Public Services Office will be closed Thursday, November 25th

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