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Pocket Fire Update

Supervisor Brown: Pocket Fire Update

We have exceptional disaster relief teams working on Lake County’s behalf. 

It has been an honor all week to be there on the ground with our firefighters and so many County residents, finding ways to take complicated situations and make them manageable.  That is what public service is all about, and I will always stand ready to serve this County.

Earlier this morning, I was out in Spring Valley, and was amazed how aggressively and successfully our firefighters were able to get the Long Fire under control.

About an hour ago, I went up to the Geysers, and from Bottle Rock Road all the way through to 101, and got a good look at the Pocket Fire, the impacts it is having and the direction it is headed.

I can personally confirm CAL FIRE’s reports that the Pocket Fire is several miles away from Lake County, and there are several ridges and hillsides it would need to go up and down to get here.

There are fire crews in the area, both air and ground.  The wind is blowing away from us, and it would have to go through part of the area that burned in the Sawmill Fire to reach Lake County.

It is safe to confirm what CAL FIRE is saying, it is highly unlikely that Lake County will be at risk.

If you are feeling concerned, know that our people are tested.  Lake County has disaster relief and response teams that are every bit as strong as any in the state.  They are working for you, and if an immediate threat develops in your area, we will make every effort to let you know and guide you through it.

The fight goes on, and the long journey of recovery is only beginning, but know that I will always work for you, however I can.

My cell phone number is (707) 349-2628.