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Virtual Recovery Meeting Scheduled

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. (August 15, 2018) – This Thursday evening, August 16, at 6pm, the County of Lake will host a Virtual Recovery Meeting.

Contributors to the meeting will include state and local fire agencies and other first responders, the City of Lakeport, federal and state legislators, the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) and National Forest personnel.

County agencies are invited to provide updates on roads, health advisories, air quality and more.

“The purpose of this meeting is to help Ranch and RIver Fire survivors begin taking essential steps of recovery,” shares Carol J. Huchingson, County Administrative Officer (CAO).  “This will include updates on what resources may be available from local, state and federal agencies, and also essential information for affected property owners: how to clean up properties safely; prevent erosion from washing into streams and the Lake; what to do with burned and felled trees.  We encourage all concerned community members to watch and participate.”

As with previous virtual County meetings, a live stream will be posted at, and viewers will be able to submit questions to the panelists via Facebook.

This meeting will be facilitated by River/Ranch (Mendocino Complex) Fires Recovery Coordinator, Nathan Spangler, and CAO Carol Huchingson, who previously worked together during the Valley Fire recovery effort.

“Nathan will take the lead in this new recovery effort, and we are fortunate that he has stepped up and embraced this opportunity,” notes Huchingson.
Recently, Nathan Spangler has worked as a Staff Services Analyst in the Lake County Department of Social Services, and he welcomes the opportunity to guide County residents through the journey of recovery in his new role:

“You can never really know how you will respond to a significant event like losing your home to wildfire until it happens,” relates Spangler.  “Each individual’s experience is so different.  For many, finding a new sense of normalcy is a challenging process.  I have been privileged to help individuals and families navigate previous disasters, and look forward to helping Lake County residents take orderly steps to recover from the Ranch and River Fires.”

To best serve Ranch and River Fire survivors, Spangler plans to hold office hours in each of the burn areas in the weeks to come.  Information on specific locations and hours will be shared as soon as possible.


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