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Community Visioning Update Videos

County Releases Community Visioning Update Videos

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. (May 17, 2018)
– In response to the many questions received in the course of recent community meetings, the County provides the following information.

This is a time of unprecedented challenge for Lake County’s government, and County officials and community members are confronting areas of difficulty, and working to build a brighter future.

Top County Executive Carol J. Huchingson has released a two-part Community Visioning Update video series, updating the public on the County’s Community Visioning process, which has been ongoing since January.

“These updates give residents a clear picture of the County’s present financial condition,” relates Huchingson.  “They also introduce the Board of Supervisors’ statement of priorities for the next ten years, Vision 2028: Reimagining Lake County.  I hope all community members will watch these videos, and join the conversation surrounding our community’s future, by writing to”

Community Visioning Update: Financial Facts and the Future
Visioning Update Video 2

Community Visioning Update: Progress Since January’s Forums
Visioning Update Video 1

Links to Huchingson’s videos and further informational resources are available at  Residents are also encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas with the County government,

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