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Public Safety Power Shutoff

The most current information regarding PG&E’s Community Wildfire Safety Program, which includes use of proactive Public Safety Power Shutoffs, when deemed necessary due to weather and other factors, is available here:

PG&E’s PSPS Forecasts, which discuss whether and where in PG&E’s service territory PSPS events are being contemplated in the next 7 days, are available here:

When PSPS events are ongoing, information regarding locally available resources is available to Lake County residents by dialing 211.

Lake County-Focused Wildfire Safety Program Presentation
On September 28, 2021, three company representatives provided a substantive Lake County-focused update on PG&E’s Community Wildfire Safety Program: Ron Richardson, Regional Vice President of North Coast division; Carl Schoenhofer, Senior Manager of Humboldt Division (Lake, Mendocino, and Humboldt Counties); and Melinda Rivera, Local Government Affairs, Lake County and Sonoma County.

View slides from that presentation.

View video of presentation.

The Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Ad Hoc Committee was formed November 5, 2019, and is working to develop, propose and demand solutions to PG&E-imposed Public Safety Power Shutoffs.  This multi-jurisdictional committee, with representation from the County and Cities of Clearlake and Lakeport, drafts communications and advocates for Lake County residents’ needs.  Meeting Agendas and Minutes can be found on the PSPS Ad Hoc Committee Webpage.

Lake County’s Health Services Department strives to regularly inform the public regarding what healthcare services are available in our communities during PSPS Events.  Here is their most recent update:

Download Healthcare Services Resource Information

With numerous recent PSPS events and upcoming weather-related concerns, Lake County residents are encouraged to Prepare Now.

When PSPS events occur, some customers may be affected and without power for up to five days.

Please monitor the following links for the most current information, including locations of Community Resource Centers in Lake County, when applicable:
PG&E Twitter @PGE4Me
PG&E Newsroom (RSS Available)
Lake County OES Facebook
County of Lake, California Facebook
CalOES Facebook

All of these Social Media feeds are set for public viewing.  You do not need to have a Facebook or Twitter account to access these frequently updated sources of information.

It is very important that all understand PG&E’s Community Resource Centers (CRCs) are not the same as the shelters the County and partners stand up when we experience a wildfire:

CRCs are not typical disaster shelters, and do not provide overnight lodging, for example.

Basic services, such as bottled water and power strips to charge devices are expected to be available.
What to expect at a PG&E CRC 

Please be kind to PG&E’s workers in the field.  They do not make the policy decisions that result in disruptions to availability of power, and they must be able to do their work efficiently to limit the duration of PSPS Events.  Thank you for showing PG&E employees and all people the best of consideration!

If you are personally affected by a PSPS Event, you can communicate non-emergency concerns to the Board of Supervisors by writing to [email protected].

What is a Public Safety Power Shutoff?

PG&E's 3-minute video explainer
Video Transcript

During extreme weather, or other extreme fire danger conditions, California’s utility companies, including PG&E, may need to turn off power to certain areas, to reduce the risk of wildfires.  These proactive power outages are known as Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS):
Statewide Fact Sheet (English)
Statewide Fact Sheet (Spanish)
PG&E’s Frequently Asked Questions
PG&E, more information for Spanish speakers (English) (Spanish)

Be Aware, Get Informed

While PG&E hopes to notify affected customers 48 hours in advance of any PSPS, fire threats and other extreme conditions can quickly change, and actual notice may be significantly less than 48 hours.

If PG&E and public officials do not have your current contact information, we may not be able to reach you.  We must be able to effectively alert you in any PSPS or disaster.  Sign up today!
Sign up for LakeCoAlerts
Sign up for Nixle 360 Alerts & Advisories
Update your PG&E Contact Information

Be Prepared

Preparedness is particularly important for those with medical and other special needs.
Planning for Those with Electricity-Dependent Medical Needs
Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Safety for Individuals with Disabilities

Please Prepare Now.  Plan for your safety, and the safety of your loved ones.  Encourage and help your neighbors to prepare, as well.

PG&E Safety Action Center
Preparedness resources are available in PG&E’s Safety Action Center:


PG&E Weather Preparedness
Is a PSPS likely to occur in the next week?  

PG&E publishes forecasting data daily, including any areas under consideration for a proactive power shutoff:

PG&E defines PSPS probabilities using the following categories:

Not Expected – Conditions that generally warrant a PSPS event are not expected at this time.

Elevated – An upcoming event (a period of gusty winds, dry conditions, heightened risk) is being monitored for an increased potential of a PSPS event.

PSPS Watch – The company Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated for a reasonable chance of executing PSPS for public safety in a given geographic zone due to a combination of adverse weather and dry fuel conditions. A PSPS watch is typically only issued within 72 hours before the anticipated start of an event.

PSPS Warning – The company Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated and customers in areas being considered for PSPS have been or are being notified. This level indicates execution of PSPS is probable given the latest forecast of weather and fuels and/or observed conditions. PSPS is typically executed in smaller and more targeted areas than the PG&E Geographic Zones. This level does not guarantee a PSPS execution as conditions and forecasts may change.


Lake County residents are encouraged to Be Prepared for potential Public Safety Power Shutoff events this Fall.
Statewide Power of Being Prepared Campaign

Have a family emergency plan:
FEMA Family Emergency Plan (English)
Further FEMA planning tools, additional languages