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Coronavirus Update

In a little over a week, the schools have been shut down, most businesses have closed, many people have been furloughed from work, and most social activity has been eliminated. The economic impact will be felt for a long time to come.

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Moke Simon

Health & Well-Being

With COVID-19 continuing to command the attention of people around the globe, and all Californians under the Governor’s Order to Shelter-in-Place unless engaging in Essential Activities, the Lake County Board of Supervisors came together to take action to protect the public and the County workforce.

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County Parks

Effective immediately, all County Parks are closed to all uses except Essential Activities, as defined in Public Health Order C20-3 and Addendum C20-3 (A2).

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COVID-19 Town Hall

General COVID-19 information is widely available, but what are the risks, and what is being done, in Lake County? What can you do to protect your community – your family?

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