Residential Requirements

Backflow Prevention DeviceBackflow prevention devices are required if there is an irrigation system on your property, whether the water source for the irrigation system is a well, pond, or reuse system.

Regardless of the source of water, backflow prevention devices protect the drinking water system from cross-contamination from these systems should they be or become connected. Additionally, wells, ponds, storage tanks, or lakefront residences with pumping systems are included in the District's requirement for backflow protection.

Old wells, which might be considered abandoned, still need to have backflow prevention devices installed up until the point when the well is properly plugged, abandoned, and certified by the Environmental Health Department. Capping the well alone does not satisfy the abandonment requirement.

Backflow prevention devices are mechanical check valves with springs and rubber parts. These parts need routine inspection and annual tests to ensure proper function. Problems due to age and even debris caught under the sealing surface of the valves will on occasion cause the valves to fail or work properly.

Annual tests by a certified technician are required to help ensure the device is working properly and is required by the District.

Residential customers will be notified annually by mail of this requirement.

Test results will be sent to the District by the certified technician.

Help ensure the public drinking water supply remains safe!