Genasys Protect (Formerly Zonehaven)

Important Message About Genasys Protect (Formerly Zonehaven)

Important to note: the name "Zonehaven" is changing to Genasys Protect. All QR codes and other website URLs ( and, past information provided by the Sheriff’s Office, and zone information are still relevant, still work, and will continue to work for the next 6 months. In 2024, the only URL will be 

Zone information and zone numbers will not be changing.  

This is a change in name only. The name change from "Zonehaven" to Genasys Protect was a decision made by Genasys Protect. 

The official change occurs on June 27th, 2023, and we will be using all the tools at our disposal to ensure no confusion takes place.

In an effort to better serve and communicate with our Lake County residents and businesses during evacuations or emergencies, an interactive map has been launched online that will provide important emergency information during an event. All of Lake County has been divided into specific zones. During an emergency, these zones will be used to identify areas affected by the event that is occurring.

The Lake County Sheriff's Office, and Lake County Office of Emergency Services, along with our public safety partners, encourage all members of our community to know their zone. You can know your zone by going to the Genasys Protect Zonehaven Online Map and entering your address in the search bar. This will identify the zone your residence or business is located in. During an event, the Lake County Sheriff's Office and Lake County Office of Emergency Services will notify our community of warnings, evacuation orders, and shelter in place advisories using the zone number(s). Zonehaven will not replace any of our current notification procedures, such as Wireless Emergency Alerts, Nixle, LakeCoAlerts, and door-to-door notifications during evacuation orders. Genasys Protect (formerly Zonehaven) has been implemented to enhance our current communication and notification processes. Genasys Protect (formerly Zonehaven) is a system of two interconnected applications that bridge the gap between first responders and community members. Genasys Protect (formerly Zonehaven) is free to access by any member of the public. There is no requirement to sign up or log in, simply go to and enter your address in the search bar.

Knowing your zone before an emergency will help expedite notifications and evacuations should the need arise and increase the overall communication from the Lake County Sheriff's Office and Lake County Office of Emergency Services during an event.

Know your zone. Look up your Zone.