Senior Peer Counseling

Senior Peer Counseling, ran by Konocti Senior Support, offers a direct counseling service between 2 persons who share a common age (over 55) and common experiences. They create a trusting relationship which allows for setting of goals for the client and support by the peer counselor. Potential clients are isolated seniors who have been referred through Lake County resources, clients may also self-refer. These clients suffer from one or more mental health concerns. 

The SPC Program provides comprehensive training for its peer counselors and ongoing weekly supervision by the Director, a licensed professional. Client services are provided weekly by phone or in person, in a designated setting, usually their home. Each referred client is professionally screened to determine appropriateness for the program. If need for greater mental health treatment is determined, the client would be referred to LCBH. The original referral source would be made aware of this for the purpose of follow up.

Outreach activities occur through visits to senior centers, meals on wheels coordinators, behavioral health programs. These include peer community services who offer help to underserved senior populations in the latino, and Native Americans communities. Efforts are made for the program to address county volunteer organizations to share information for client and counselor referrals.