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ProviderPhone No.Policy/Group No.Login
Aflac(707)391-7587n/aAflac Login Page
AIG Retirement Services(707)312-2849n/aAIG Retirement Services (now Corebridge Financial) Login Page
*Corebridge Financial Online Registration Steps Handout
Anthem Blue Shield(800)333-0912

PPO 35: 175075M934 

Law PPO: 175075M905

PPO 80: 175075M910 

ABHP: 175075M922

Bronze HSA Plan: 175075M93

Anthem Blue Shield Login Page

CalPERS Retirement(888)225-7377n/aCalPERS Membership Login Page
Delta Dental(800)765-60034406Delta Dental Login Page
Express Scripts(877)554-3091

PPO 35: 175075M934

PPO 80: 175075M910 

PPO Law: 175075M905

Express Scripts Login Page
IngenioRx (now CarelonRx)(833)419-0530

ABHP: 175075M922

Bronze HSA Plan: 175075M93

IngenioRx (now CarelonRx) Login Page
Anthem EAP (Employee Assistance Program)(833)954-1067Company Code: PRISMAnthem EAP Login Page
Nationwide Deferred Comp(916)541-7032n/aNationwide Deferred Comp Login Page
New York Life(707)569-7113n/aNew York Life Login Page
Reach Air Med(707)239-2505n/an/a
Voya (County Paid Life Insurance)(888)238-4840316407-157n/a
VSP Vision Care(800)877-719530010967VSP Vision Care Login Page
WorkTerra Health BenefitsContact HR (707)263-2213n/aWorkTerra Health Benefits Login Page
WorkTerra Flexible Spending Account(888)327-2770n/aWorkTerra Flexible Spending Account Login Page

2024 County of Lake Benefits Guide

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County of Lake  

2024 Benefits Guide.

If you are enrolled in one of our Anthem Blue Shield plans you are also eligible for the following added services:

Value Added Benefits
Carrum Opens in new windowSurgery Benefit
HingeExercise Therapy Program
LarkDiabetes Prevention
LivongoDiabetes Management  

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