MHSA Modernization (Proposition 1)

What is Proposition 1?

A legislative statue appearing on the primary election ballot on March 5, 2024, intended to "modernize" MHSA and expand housing and treatment options for those with serious mental illness. 

Two Key Components

Behavioral Health Infrastructure Bond Act (AB 531)

This authorizes $6.4 billion to build or develop behavioral health housing and treatment facilities.

  • $4.4 billion is ear-marked for inpatient supportive housing and residential treatment beds. 
  • $2 billion is ear-marked for permanent supportive housing, including $1 billion for veterans. 

Behavioral Health Services Act (SB 326)

This amends the Mental Health Services act. It would rename MHSA the Behavioral Health Services Act (BHSA), expand services to include substance use treatment, and revise the distribution of MHSA funding to prioritize housing. 

It requires counties to bill Medi-Cal for reimbursable services and establishes different oversight and accountability measures. 

Funding Allocation

BHSA Timeline