An Encouraging Force for Positive Change

Our commitment is to continually improve the quality of community life by enhancing public safety, acknowledging staff accomplishments, assisting victims, and offering the hope of a more productive lifestyle for individuals on supervision.

Our Goals

  • Implement proven and effective methodology to assess and change behavior of individuals on supervision through effective case management.
  • Collaborative partnerships with community and county agencies.
  • Recruit, retain and recognize quality staff.
  • Enhance community safety while adhering to the Department’s commitment, purpose, and values.

We Will Accomplish Our Commitment by:

  • Assessing individuals on supervision’s risk and needs to help guide Court decisions and to apply an appropriate level of services.
  • Enforcing Court orders, affording opportunities for pro-social change, and holding individuals on supervision accountable.
  • Assisting victims through the criminal/juvenile justice process.
  • Working with our community partners to provide evidence-based prevention and intervention services.
  • Recognizing staff achievement and providing professional opportunities for growth within our organization.

We Believe

  • In treating all people with dignity and respect.
  • People can change and probation services are a viable means to affect positive change.
  • In creating a work environment enriched in trust, wellbeing, and teamwork.
  • In promoting and maintaining a safe and thriving community.
  • In the value of our collaborative relationships.
  • Our staff is how we accomplish our commitment.
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