Informal Hearings & Traffic Court

The Probation Department conducts informal hearings and traffic court at our Lakeport office and the Clearlake City Hall on alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:30 pm. If your child has been cited for a crime, you may receive a notice from the Probation Department to appear before a Probation Officer at one of these hearings. If you are unable to appear, please call the Department and ask to reschedule the appointment at 707-262-4285.

When attending the hearing, please arrive early. Hearings are conducted in the order you arrive at the facility. Please bring with you a copy of the child's Social Security Card and Birth Certificate to leave with the Officer.

Juveniles who are cited with a traffic offense, can be subject to paying fines and fees, community service, and traffic school. If you have a proof of correction, this should also be brought to the hearing.

A juvenile who has committed a minor or first-time offense, may be reprimanded and have the case dismissed, placed on informal probation, or referred to the District Attorney for filing with the Court.