COVID-19 Data

In an ongoing effort to understand COVID-19 transmission and improve outcomes in our community, Lake County Public Health tracks demographic, geographic and clinical information about confirmed COVID-19 cases. Public health officials and staff are monitoring data daily.

The Public Health website demographic data will be updated monthly. Please be aware that the data presented here is not real-time and may not reflect the most recent information.

  1. Epi Briefing

View the Epi Briefing for an in-depth look at Lake County's data, including relevant regional and state comparisons. Additional information is often provided at the regular Board of Supervisors Meeting Schedule (held most Tuesdays and livestreamed via Granicus and County of Lake Facebook) and uploaded to the Lake County YouTube Channel.

  1. Vaccinations
  1. COVID-19 Summary Data
  1. Demographic Data (Updated Monthly)
  1. COVID-19 Deaths (Updated Monthly)
  1. Testing