Lake County is a growing rural community located in Northern California; it covers a land area of 1,258 square miles and has a total population of 65,147 persons (2005 Census). Lake County is surrounded by mountainous terrain and is divided into northern and southern "shores" by Clear Lake, California's largest all-natural lake. Lake County has two incorporated cities, Clearlake on the south shore and Lakeport on the north shore. There are numerous small towns surrounding the lake and situated throughout the County.

Lake County Department of Social Services (LCDSS) is mandated to provide care and assistance for local children and adults who are endangered by abuse, neglect or exploitation; administer County, State and Federal assistance programs; and provide services and support to enable families to become financially self-sufficient. These mandates are accomplished through partnerships with the community for integrated services and a work environment that supports exceptional performance through teamwork.

LCDSS maintains offices open to the public on both the north and south shores of the County. There are three offices in the south shore area, two are located in the town of Lower Lake, about three miles outside the city limits of Clearlake. All Administrative Services, as well as Eligibility Services for California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs), Food Stamps, Medi-Cal, County Medical Services Program (CMSP) and General Relief (GR), are performed at the south shore office located adjacent to Anderson Marsh State Historic Park.

Adult Services, which is located at 16170 Main Street, Unit D, Lower Lake administers the following services. Adult Protective Services (APS), In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), IHSS Public Authority and Public Guardian/Administrator Services. The north shore office is located in the City of Lakeport, the County Seat. This location administers Children Services programs.

The Housing Services office located at 14092 Lakeshore Drive in Clearlake administers the Section 8 Housing Program and other housing development grants and programs.